Xpress Aviation, In Pakistan is a Logistics Company, providing solutions to your logistics needs. Xpress Aviation Xpress Aviation, In Pakistan is a Logistics Company, providing solutions to your logistics needs. Xpress Aviation

Xpress Aviation, In Pakistan is a Logistics Company, providing solutions to your logistics needs. With a large network of offices in the heart of the commercial zones within the country, we offer not only innovative but also customized logistics solutions. Professionally qualified teams in Pakistan have extensive experience in the Forwarding industry, Warehousing and Distribution, Customs Clearance, and related Government regulations, providing Door-to-Door delivery facilities.

We provide logistics solutions for a large variety of shipments encompassing almost all industry segments including electronic goods, Oil & Gas, Semi-conductor, Automobile industry, etc Warehouses are both dedicated and Multi-User Facilities well equipped with all the latest infrastructure and following strict HSEQ norms.

We are a registered FIATA, IATA Company having our own Break Bulk & Multi-Modal Transport License. We specialize in providing advantageous solutions through group synergy, meeting the unique needs and requirements of our customers with a single service chain carrying any cargo, ranging in weight from one kilogram to several tons, be it hazardous or non-hazardous From and To any location worldwide and by any mode of transport.

Express Lines is the subsidery of Xpress Aviation and is one of the leading international logistic companies with established in late 90‘s and the company has grown at a steady phase in the last decade. Express Lines is a flexible logistics partner with fast actions and reactions with all type of freight carriers – sea freight,  trucks and trains.

We started as a small company, but we grew in to one of the leading logistics service providers, we perform our job with the same precision, reliability, transparency and on time delivery. The key to our success is dedication, professionalism and the team spirit of our employees. Our goal towards quality excellence also saw us adopting total quality systems and the company is committed to continuously improve the quality of it’s system.


  • Ocean Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Road Freight
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Customs Clearance
  • Project Cargo


Xpress Aviation  is an international logistics provider offering air, sea and land transportation solutions.  Xpress Aviation has rich history, tradition and stature and throughout the expansion, Xpress Aviation has continuously focused efforts on providing a quality and dependability to customers and business associates. GOING AHEAD GOING GLOBAL, we at Xpress Aviation are eager to be your preferred choice as logistics service provider.

We are a global company and offer services via the three modes of transportation air, land and sea and combinations thereof. Our profound experience in handling out-of –gauge or otherwise known as project cargo, including turnkey project management services is quite distinguished. We have scheduled consolidations to and from various locations worldwide. Our global freight terminals help ensure absolute control of shipments with relatively less risk and handling.

As an NVOCC, we have cost effective rates through volume buying power. Along with our worldwide network of agents, we provide fully integrated global logistics solutions and services including customs brokerage, warehousing, distribution and inventory management. We also provide expert assistance with letters of credit, cargo insurance, permits and regulatory documentation.

The Xpress Aviation Way means a single, consistent and company-wide approach to project execution that achieves operational excellence through cost and schedule control, quality, efficiency, safety, productivity and application of the most effectively apparent turnkey solution.

The Xpress Aviation Way in which profitability is achieved is through absolute dedication to the servicing of our customers’ needs, development of our employees and operational excellence with the added attention to competitive and high-value pricing, outstanding financial return and unwavering integrity.

Our Vision is to…

Achieve global recognition as a leading logistics provider and the best choice of customers, business partners and our people.

Our Mission is to…

Position ourselves as a major player in the global logistics market, by delivering customized solutions through an ambitious team committed to improve industry standards, customer satisfaction, growth and profitability.

Air Freight

Xpress Aviation

offers extensive air freight forwarding services, utilizing the world’s major commercial airlines, air cargo carriers, and charter aircrafts. As an agent for all major airlines, we provide a complete package of air logistics services through our global network of experienced agents and state of the art IT support systems.We provides comprehensive door to door freight services to & from the major markets of Asia, Asia-Pacific, USA- Canada, Latin America, Europe and Africa. The following sections demonstrate a few more features:

Our primary air cargo capabilities include:

  • Scheduled cargo consolidation and deconsolidation services
  • Airport to airport
  • Airport to door
  • Door to airport
  • Door to door
  • Charters
  • Dangerous Goods Handling

Ocean Freight

Express Lines offer a full array of ocean related services including Ocean Forwarding, NVOCC Consolidation and FCL container management. Our experienced professionals are well versed in the ocean business to guide you through the complexities of global shipping. We provide a unique and customized solution to fit your ocean transportation requirements and will be systematically followed through from origin to final destination.

Our primary ocean freight capabilities include:

  • Cargo Booking & Pick-up
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Cargo Tracking & Tracing
  • Internet Notification
  • Certification & Legalization Services
  • LCL Consolidation
  • Document Preparation & Distribution
  • Buyers Consolidation
  • Shipment Alerts & Confirmations
  • Port to Door
  • Full Container Movement
  • Port to Port
  • Free Domicile
  • Door to port
  • Proof of Delivery

Road Freight

Xpress Aviation provides the fastest achievable transportation in the region. Xpress Aviation has the latest fleet with the state of the art equipments that includes : trailers, low beds, flatbeds, reefer trucks, tippers. Xpress Aviation has a large network of Overland Transport hubs  enabling customers to move their products economically from one place to another

Custom Clearance

Xpress Aviation simplifies your customs processing by clearing all commercial documents, reduces cargo delays and costs associated by obtaining proper licensing and permits and providing full assistance with banking transactions and customs duty payments. Our well versed and dedicated customs clearance team is eager to complete all the necessary procedures and documentations for all types of shipments.

  • Import Customs Clearance
  • Export Customs Clearance
  • Transit Customs Clearance
  • Pre-customs for direct delivery.
  • Highly perishables and dangerous goods customs clearance
  • Project Cargo customs clearance
  • Legalization and ministries permits.

Xpress Aviation will always provide its clients customized solutions to their import and export formalities.

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehouses defined here are facilities that provide a proper environment for the purpose of storing and designed to accommodate the loads of the materials to be stored, the associated handling equipment, the receiving and shipping operations and associated trucking, and operating personnel.

The design of the warehouse space is planned to best accommodate business service requirements and the products to be stored/handled. The economics of modern commercial warehouses dictate that goods are processed in minimal turnaround time.

Our cutting edge over our competitors in Karachi:

225,000 square meters of enclosed facility, with open and  closed storage areas, in addition to office spaces

Best Of Breed Warehouse Management system

High security vehicle access entrances

ECP Explosive check point

24/7 security with Cameras surveillance

Monitored fire suppression systems

Outdoor protection methods

The facility is fully equipped with fire fighting systems:

– Indoor sprinkler system

– Outdoor hydrants

All warehouses are equipped with air conditions to maintain  the temperature at a minimum of 22 degrees Celsius

Our facility has been inspected and recommended by army  officials as highly secured location.

Range of docking for quick service

Reinforced floors and ideal racking

Secured storage for high value client inventories Specialized material handling equipment

Technology Benefits:

Our comprehensive warehouse management software is easy to access, user friendly and reliable.

Seamless Connectivity – From your system… to Ours

– Our on-site Customer Service officers will provide system   integration services

– Free your company from tracking daily shipments, receive   shipment notifications automatically

– Check inventory status without leaving your desk

– Enjoy automatic stock re-order point via internet notifications

All inventory processing is done real time, providing instant   inventory visibility & reliability.

Warehouse Features:

It takes more than just space to be an effective distribution center. We have the floor space required for various value added services like:

  • Bulk container processing
  • Palletizing
  • Inspecting, QA testing
  • Processing returns
  • Consolidating
  • Repackaging
  • Kitting multi-item shipments
  • Shrink/ Stretch wrapping

Warehouse spaces are also flexible to accommodate future operations and storage needs as well as mission changes.

Why Choose Us?

Maintaining and operating a warehouse is expensive. We maximize your space by stacking your product as high as possible, using technology to locate each pallet, individual box or serial-numbered part. You will pay only for the cubic volume you’re using or services you requested. Our technology places us in the unique position to offer your company a total Seamless system, at measurable cost savings, allowing you the flexibility to concentrate on your own business. Our clients rely on us to receive, store and ship large volumes of goods timely with zero errors.

Key Reasons: 

For business partners

  • Focus on Core Business
  • Invest no money on infrastructure and software
  • Avoid seasonal problems
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Reduced labor costs and inventory carrying costs

For Xpress Aviation

The key reason for being a 3PL is we have the Space, People and Equipment. THAT IS WHAT WE ARE AND WE STAND BY OUR MISSION.

Leaders in worldwide cargo aircraft charter…

Delivering excellence for:

  • Freight Forwarders
  • Oil & Automotive Industry
  • Charities & Relief Organizations
  • Brokers
  • Government Departments
  • Airlines

Xpress Aviation charter specialists…

Xpress Aviation are locally recognized as one of the leading names in air cargo chartering.With Strong Network in USA, EUROPE, Dubai & Far East, you can be assured that we will find the perfect aircraft available to you worldwide.

Afghan Relief Services Via Charter Aircraft

We have AN 12 ( 15 tons/80 Cubic) air craft and can serve for following.

Air craft Placed at Karachi airport. Relief goods arrive at Karachi by sea, can be transferred to airport for loading in to AN 12.Food items , Refrigerated items can also be served via Charter/ leased aircraft. 

We have AN 12 ( 15 tons/80 Cubic) air craft and can serve for following.

Air craft Placed at Karachi airport. Relief goods arrive at Karachi by sea, can be transferred to airport for loading in to AN 12.

Food items , Refrigerated items can also be served via Charter/ leased aircraft.

Gateway to Afghanistan:

PARTNER Offices at Quetta & Peshawar, to ensure controlover the Border-Crossing.Associate office at KABUL, to overlook complete transit operation.


Customs Clearance



Reefer Container Movement

Obtaining N.O.C. / Exemptions, wherever applicable.

Complete Insurance Coverage*


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